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We would prefer to only email people who are engaged and interested in what we have to say, so if you would still like to hear from Sayers Solutions and receive offers and suggestions, please complete your details on this form.

The information requested at the top of the form is so that we can stay in touch, and then gradually the information requested towards the bottom of the form will help us to try to ensure that our communications are relevant to you.  We have restricted only a few boxes, like privacy policy and permission to add to mailing list, however if you don't wish to provide the information or spend your time filling in the rest of the boxes feel free to leave them blank. Hopefully we'll get a better understanding in the near future - you can always update your preferences at the bottom of our emails.

You of course can unsubscribe at any time by pressing the unsubscribe option at the bottom of our emails or by emailing merewyn@sayerssolutions.co.uk or via our contact form on our website - http://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/contact-me/

We would never sell or knowingly pass on your details to a third party without your explicit consent.  We may however do so when such information is already widely available in the public domain and it was for your benefit.  I.e giving your name or telephone number to someone we were recommending your business to.
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